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Hello, and welcome to Natalie and Tom Vigorito's Wedding Gallery! We hope you enjoy going through the images, and if there are any you would like for any reason (album, downloads, prints, etc...), we just need you to make a Favorites Folder. Here's how:

*After you get into your gallery, you can start looking at the pictures individually.

*At the top left corner of each picture, a menu will come down with one of the options being "Add to Favorites".

*Any image you want to add to your Favorites Folder, just click on "Add to Favorites" for that image.

*You will see at the VERY top left corner of the page the LightMaster logo, and the words "My Selections". Each time you add one of the images to your Favorites Folder, it will put them together into one collection in that "My Selection".

*You will have to SAVE these photos which will create a personal portal for you so each time you login it will have the selections for you and you can continue to add or edit your Favorites Folder. If you click on “My Selections” at the far right is the SAVE button. Click this and it will ask you to register and this will create your personal portal :)

*Once you've gone through all of the images in your gallery and added the ones you like, click on that "My Selection" button. It'll open a new page showing all the images you chose and you will see a button that says "Send to...". Click on that button and it will open up and say "send to photographer".

*Just fill in the information and click "Share". This will send all your selections directly to Shawn. And that's it :)
If you have any questions about this, please feel free to call us at 862-200-7691 or e-mail us at lightmasterstudios@gmail.com and we'll walk you through the process. Thank you and enjoy!